Get Your DVD Box Set of “Constitution 101” Today

Get Your DVD Box Set of “Constitution 101” Today

“Constitution 101” is Hillsdale’s most popular online course. Since the course launched in 2012, hundreds of thousands of people have taken it, deepening their understanding of the Constitution, how it has been undermined, and what it will take to restore it.

"Constitution 101" is also the course that is most urgently needed. There is a movement underway to recast American history as a tale of oppression rather than of liberty and hope. The aim? To sever the ties that bind Americans to our founding principles and the Constitution, paving the way for a further transformation of American government. For this reason, “Constitution 101”—a twelve-lesson course taught by Hillsdale College Politics faculty—is an urgent project for the preservation of constitutional government in America.

The recently updated course has:

  • The same superb teaching and scholarship from Hillsdale faculty as the original.
  • Improved visuals to help you engage with the material and follow the argument of the lecture; and
  • An updated analysis of the political situation in America and the status of the Constitution today.

Now you can get the latest version of the course “Constitution 101” in this beautiful NEW DVD box set for viewing in your home or for giving as a gift. It can also be used as part of a home school curriculum or for small group discussions. The “Constitution 101” DVD box set can be yours today for a gift of $100 or more to Hillsdale College.

Your gift will help Hillsdale College expand its efforts to teach millions of Americans about the Constitution and its importance to liberty at this crucial time in our nation’s history, not just through online courses, but through Imprimis, K-12 charter schools, and more.

Hillsdale College does this important and critical work while refusing EVERY PENNY of state and federal government funding—even indirectly in the form of student loans and grants. That’s why your support is so vital.

A limited number of DVDs have been produced—secure yours today with a $100 gift to Hillsdale.

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