You can reach and teach millions of citizens on behalf of liberty 365 days a year! Join the Liberty & Learning Society this Constitution Day.

Polls and surveys show that increasing numbers of young Americans are embracing destructive ideologies like critical race theory and socialism. 

This sad state predictably follows from the Leftist takeover of so many schools and universities since the 1960s—and the failure to provide young Americans a proper understanding of American government and history. 

When you help us reach our goal of adding 1,500 new Liberty & Learning Society members by Constitution Day on September 17, you will counter progressive attempts to destroy the basis of intelligent patriotism.

The Liberty and Learning Society is for our most generous, faithful friends—friends like YOU.

The Liberty & Learning Society is our exclusive monthly giving group for our most generous and faithful friends.

Dedicated members commit to a recurring monthly gift that advances the important work of reaching and teaching additional millions of citizens on behalf of liberty. 

This regular monthly support defends liberty 365 days a year and is critical to our educational mission over the long term—month in, month out, year after year. 

 And membership in the Liberty & Learning Society allows us to devote even more of each dollar to the important work of educating citizens—especially younger Americans—about the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the importance of the Constitution to liberty.

The Liberty & Learning Society is for intelligent patriots who care about saving liberty in America—patriots like YOU.

When you become a new member of the Liberty & Learning Society, you make possible an ever-widening range of educational outreach on behalf of liberty. You will help:  

  • Teach smart and ambitious undergraduate and graduate students—preparing them for leadership positions in all walks of American life.

  • Reach millions of Americans through Imprimis—our flagship digest of liberty sent for FREE to more than 6 million households and businesses.

  • Instruct hundreds of thousands of Americans, especially younger Americans, through free online courses—on topics including the Constitution, American history, and free-market economics.

  • Educate thousands of young K-12 students in Hillsdale-affiliated classical K-12 charter schools nationwide—each of them having a strong component in American civics. We also provide the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum, a 2,200-page, 85-lesson history curriculum that covers the triumphs and tragedies of American history fairly and comprehensively—free of charge to a growing network of educators and homeschooling families.  

With their steadfast support, members of the Liberty & Learning Society help us accomplish all our vital work (and more!) without accepting ONE PENNY of government funding. 

We even say “no” to indirect aid such as federal or state student loans and grants because we don’t want bureaucrats in Washington telling us who to admit, what to teach, or who to hire. That lets us say “YES!” to independence—a stand that makes us virtually unique in American higher education.

Joining the Liberty & Learning Society brings exclusive benefits to its generous members—will you join?

As a member of the Liberty & Learning Society, you have no checks to write or donation forms to fill out. Your tax-deductible gift is conveniently and safely charged to your account on the same day each month. 

Your automatic monthly gift increases the impact of your support by minimizing the number of fundraising appeals you receive. LESS MAIL means less waste—and more of your gift goes to support the actual work of reaching and teaching additional millions of citizens.

As a member, you will receive:

  • Exclusive early access to new online courses;
  • A handsome personalized membership card;
  • Much less fundraising mail;
  • Regular updates on how your support makes a difference for liberty; and
  • Weekly “Hillsdale Dialogues” with Larry P. Arnn and the “Radio Free Hillsdale Hour”

Will you answer the call and preserve the blessings of liberty and limited government under the Constitution for future generations month in, month out, 365 days a year by becoming a member of the Liberty & Learning Society today? 

Most give at the $19 - $25/month level, but some generous supporters make a monthly gift of $50, $75, even $100 a month because they’re that committed to reaching and teaching millions. 

What’s important is to give what you can and help reach our goal of 1,500 NEW Liberty & Learning Society members by September 17—Constitution Day.

YES, I will join Hillsdale’s Liberty & Learning Society! Please accept my automatic monthly gift in the amount below. 

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