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We are living in a time of crisis, with political and economic unrest, wars and civil strife, and increasingly polarized debates about what to do about it all.

Dante Alighieri was familiar with crisis. He was on the losing side of a civil war in his home city of Florence. He had his property seized and was forced into exile.

Dante DVD Set

Dante’s Divine Comedy is for people who find themselves in the middle of something, where they’re facing great trouble and adversity—much like we’re experiencing right now as a culture and people.

The Divine Comedy is ultimately about liberty, and it’s why we produced this free online course on Dante’s Divine Comedy. 

And now, you can own a DVD box set of “Dante’s Divine Comedy” for a gift of $100 or more to Hillsdale College.

Your gift will not only unlock your very own copy of this exceptional course but also help us produce and promote new free online courses similar to this one.

And it will help us expand our efforts to reach and teach millions of Americans about subjects of enduring relevance, such as morality and classic literature. 

Your generous tax-deductible gift is also critical because we do all of our work, including free online courses, while refusing to accept ONE PENNY of government support—not even indirectly in the form of federal or state student grants or loans. NOT. ONE. PENNY.

Only a limited number of DVDs are available—secure yours today.

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