Understand the beauty and precision of the world with your DVD box set of “Mathematics and Logic: From Euclid to Modern Geometry.”

We live in an age that requires logic and sound reasoning in defense of truth. One of the best ways to develop these skills is through the study of Euclidean geometry.

Mathematics and Logic

For more than 2,300 years, Euclid’s Elements has been the foundation for countless students to learn how to reason with precision and pursue knowledge in all fields of learning. 

The brilliance of his work has made it the second most published book in history because it provides profound tools to distinguish truth from error and discover fundamental principles about the world.

Modeled after our core mathematics course, “Mathematics and Logic” examines the vital importance of good reasoning to the liberal arts. 

With this course, you’ll study the transformation of mathematics by the ancient Greeks, the fundamentals of logic and deductive reasoning, the central proofs of Euclid, the birth of modern geometry, and much more.  

And now, you can own a DVD box set of “Mathematics and Logic” for a gift of $100 or more to Hillsdale College.

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