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The Fostering the Good scholarship was started by Victoria Petersen, '18, who grew up in the foster care system until she emancipated out of the system at eighteen years old. 

Tori believes her loving community and church helped her defy the sad statistics of foster youth who emancipate from the foster care system. With consistent encouragement from her track coach, youth leader, and foster mother, Tori used her athletic talent and academic success to help her obtain a scholarship at Hillsdale College. 

Surrounded by an impactful and Godly community at Hillsdale College, Tori’s faith grew and her values shifted. Being surrounded by families who embodied the gentleness and kindness of Christ, Tori hoped and prayed she would someday embody these same values in her own family. 

Tori and her husband, Jacob, strive to cultivate many of the values Hillsdale College embedded in their belief system in their marriage and family. They believe that family and community are the foundation to a child’s success, which is why they are passionate about child welfare issues, foster youth, and foster families.

Tori and her husband, Jacob, have launched a community scholarship because they have experienced and seen the truth that it takes a village to raise a child, and continue to bring them into the maturity of adulthood.

Jacob and Tori want to partner with the Hillsdale community once again, so a foster or adopted youth will have an opportunity, like Tori, to be blessed by the Hillsdale College community and education. 

Please support the Fostering the Good Scholarship today. 

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