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We know through surveys that Imprimis readers share their copies with an average of two others. Looked at this way. Increasing the circulation of Imprimis to 6 million over the coming year will increase the number reading it to 18 million.  

One reason Imprimis is so effective is that Hillsdale sends it free of charge to anyone who wishes to receive it. But the printing and mailing costs for Imprimis are significant.


And since Hillsdale refuses to accept government funding (even indirectly in the form of federal and state student grants and loans), we depend on private support to meet our ambitious goals for 2019.

In an age of rising progressivism and eroding understanding of Western Civilization, your investment in Hillsdale College will advance America’s founding principles of liberty through education on our campus in Michigan, sending Imprimis, creating new free online courses, developing more classical K-12 charter schools, and teaching the Constitution in our nation’s capital—where it is severely needed.

Your best tax-deductible gift sent before midnight, December 31 will fund these initiatives and help us meet our $1,500,000 year-end goal.

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