Discover the political wisdom of the American Founding and see how it can guide us today.

Help us teach Americans nationwide what our Founding Fathers really thought with the new free online course, “The Real American Founding: A Conversation.”

The Founders believed that free government requires an educated and independent citizenry.  

Unfortunately, the American Founding is commonly misunderstood or misrepresented today—fostering disunity in our great nation with conflicting ideas about justice and the purpose of government.  

“The Real American Founding: A Conversation” addresses this problem by providing an unfiltered discussion of the Founder’s views on justice, equality, natural rights, immigration, trade, sex, marriage, foreign policy, and more.  

This course reveals the political principles that guided the Founders and examines how the way of life in the Founding compares to contemporary America. 

But we need the support of citizens like you to promote “The Real American Founding: A Conversation” along with our other nationwide outreach. 

Will you partner with us to promote this new free online course and expand other educational outreach efforts on behalf of liberty? 

In addition to enrolling as many Americans as possible in this course, we seek to: 

  • Expand the circulation of Imprimis, Hillsdale’s digest of liberty, to hundreds of thousands more Americans, including issues like “Our Increasingly Unrecognizable Civilization” by Mark Steyn.
  • Send millions of pocket-size copies of America’s founding documents to citizens, teachers, and schoolchildren.
  • Help establish additional classical K-12 charter schools nationwide and to provide, free of charge, Hillsdale’s American classical K-12 curriculum (including the new Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum) to thousands of American educators and homeschoolers.

Your generous tax-deductible gift will help ensure that anyone wishing to learn has access, free of charge, to our online courses—including “The Real American Founding: A Conversation”—and that these courses reach the widest audience possible.

American Founding Book

Here’s one other thing you should know...

We accomplish all of our work while refusing to accept one penny of government funding—not even indirectly in the form of federal or state student loans and grants. NOT. ONE. order to remain INDEPENDENT.

This frees us from much burdensome and destructive federal regulation … but it also means that we are entirely DEPENDENT upon the support of citizens, like you, who understand the importance of education to liberty. 

So, please make a generous, tax-deductible gift.

For your gift of $100 or more, you will receive a copy of Hillsdale College Professor of Politics Dr. Thomas G. West’s latest book, The Political Theory of the American Founding: Natural Rights, Public Policy, and the Moral Conditions of Freedom, which provides the foundation for this new free online course.

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