Get your DVD box set of “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic” and your free companion map today.

While today’s popular histories of ancient Rome often center on its emperors, America’s Founding Fathers looked to the heroes of the Roman Republic as models for the newly formed United States. 

The story of how the ancient Roman people rose from a small village in Italy to dominate the entire Mediterranean world provides one of the greatest lessons in political and military excellence in human history, and the collapse of this great republic into internal conflict and tyranny reveals the challenges and pitfalls that come with success. 

The result is a history that provides a profound education in the virtues necessary to secure a republic and the challenges that can lead to its collapse.

And now, you can receive “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic” from Hillsdale College in a beautiful DVD box set for viewing in your home or with a small group. 

Do you know someone unfamiliar with Roman history or who wants to know more? This DVD would make a perfect gift for them! You might also find it useful for a homeschool curriculum or independent study.

Rome DVD

“The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic” DVD box set can be yours with a tax-deductible gift of $100 or more to Hillsdale College.

Not only will your gift ensure your very own copy of the DVD box set, but it will also help us produce and promote new free online courses similar to this one. 

And it will help us expand our efforts to reach and teach millions of Americans about subjects like American history, politics, the Great Books, economics, and the Constitution.

Your tax-deductible gift is also critical because we do all of our work, including free online courses, while refusing to accept ONE PENNY of government support—not even indirectly in the form of federal or state student grants or loans. NOT. ONE. PENNY.

SPECIAL OFFER: When you reserve a DVD box set of “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic,” you will also receive a free color map of the Roman world at the end of the Republic printed on high-quality paper. This map is a useful companion for the course and will help illustrate the topics discussed on the DVD. 

Only a limited number of DVDs and maps are available—secure yours today.

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