Help Promote “Dante’s Divine Comedy” and Hillsdale’s Other Educational Outreach Efforts on Behalf of Liberty

Americans today are witnessing an aggressive and systematic effort by the radical Left to transform American politics and education. 

As part of this effort in education, the Biden administration is trying to force critical race theory into K-12 curricula. At the same time, the greatest works of Western literature are being dropped from high school and college reading lists. 

That’s why Hillsdale College offers courses like “Dante’s Divine Comedy—its newest free online course—along with its signature courses on the Constitution and American history.

But Hillsdale needs the support of citizens like you to promote “Dante’s Divine Comedy” and its other free online courses nationwide.

Will you partner with Hillsdale to promote its free online courses—especially to younger Americans, who are most hurt by the Left’s assault on American education—and to expand Hillsdale’s other educational outreach efforts on behalf of liberty? 

In addition to increasing the number of students taking online courses, Hillsdale seeks to: 

•    Expand the circulation of Imprimis, Hillsdale’s digest of liberty. 

•    Increase the number of Hillsdale-affiliated classical K-12 charter schools nationwide. 

•    Widen its promotion of constitutional education through social media and radio.

Your generous tax-deductible gift will help ensure that anyone wishing to learn will have access, free of charge, to Hillsdale’s online courses—including “Dante’s Divine Comedy—and that these courses reach the widest audience possible.

Hillsdale accomplishes all of its work while refusing to accept one penny of government funding—not even indirectly in the form of federal or state student loans and grants.

This frees the College from much burdensome and destructive federal regulation … but it also means that the College is entirely dependent upon the support of citizens, like you, who understand the importance of education to liberty. 

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