Support the Four Pillars Campaign – Learning, Character, Faith, and Freedom

Over the past 177 years, Hillsdale College has gained a national reputation for its institutional independence and its commitment to learning, character, faith and freedom. These four pillars remain inseparable in the activity of education as understood and practiced at Hillsdale College.

Learning is difficult and requires more than talent—it demands hard work, which requires character. And freedom is essential for learning, but it is fragile and constantly under threat, so its principles must be studied by all for the sake of its defense. Because the final object of learning is the Divine—the highest thing—faith and learning are fixed together in pursuit of a common end.

The Four Pillars Campaign is named for the four purposes that define Hillsdale’s mission. Its success will ensure our ability to serve these purposes in the future, and to meet the threats and challenges that are sure to come.

And America needs Hillsdale more than ever. The times demand it. That’s why Hillsdale radiates what occurs on its campus as far and wide, and to as many citizens, as possible:

•    Increasing numbers of children are attending Hillsdale-affiliated K-12 Charter Schools, which are opening as fast as we can open them.
Imprimis has increased its circulation to over five million people, with no end in sight.
• And our free online courses have more than two million students registered in courses ranging from the Constitution to Churchill to Free Market Economics.

 This campaign offers you the unique opportunity to support a rare institution that does exactly what it says it will do. Every day, the chief activity here is the pursuit of truth and the defense of liberty. 

At no time in our nation’s history has the need for this kind of education been greater. And yet unlike so many colleges and universities today, Hillsdale refuses EVERY PENNY of taxpayer support—even indirectly in the form of student grants and loans. That makes your support even more important.

Your gift will help make possible a life-defining experience for a young man or woman. It will help ensure that those who want to learn from us have the opportunity to do so, gaining the knowledge necessary to defend America’s founding principles of liberty. And it will help secure the independence and continuation of the College for generations to come. 

We hope to have your support in this historic campaign.

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