Help tell the Great American Story to Preserve Liberty

For decades now, too many of America’s high schools and colleges, under the domination of the “progressive” Left, have been pushing a biased and distorted narrative of America as essentially unjust.

It is no wonder, then, that increasing numbers of young Americans today are embracing socialism and other ideas destructive of liberty, while rejecting such bedrock American principles as freedom of speech.

It would be easy to become discouraged by the Left’s success in pushing a distorted view of America and undermining intelligent patriotism. But we must not be discouraged. Instead, we must engage the Left on the battleground of education.

Hillsdale College has been leading the fight, and that's why we launched a major new online course: “The Great American Story: A Land of Hope.” Taught by Dr. Wilfred McClay and offered free of charge to any citizen wishing to learn, this 25-lecture course presents an unbiased and comprehensive history of America.

Preserving American liberty requires that each generation pass on a proper knowledge of American civics—of American history and government. Knowledge of our nation’s great heritage of liberty is indispensable to intelligent American patriotism and constructive citizenship.

But promoting this new online course nationwide requires significant resources, and your support is vital.

Will you partner with Hillsdale in promoting this new major online course—especially to younger Americans—as well as expanding Hillsdale’s other educational outreach efforts on behalf of liberty? We cannot waste any time in this critical year for America. 

Your generous tax-deductible gift today will help ensure that any citizen wishing to learn will have access, free of charge, to Hillsdale’s archive of free online courses—including, “The Great American Story: A Land of Hope,” which serves as a much-needed antidote to the Left’s distorted view of America.

One other thing you should know. Hillsdale College accomplishes all of its work while refusing to accept one penny of government funding—not even indirectly in the form of federal or state student loans and grants. That means the College is entirely dependent on the support of private citizens like you who understand the importance of education to liberty.

Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story

As a thank-you for your gift of $100 or more, you’ll receive a special Hillsdale College edition of Wilfred McClay’s book, Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story, on which this free online course is based. 

Conservative historians and thinkers have praised the book as accurate, honest, lucid, and lyrical, and it was named ISI’s 2020 “Conservative Book of the Year.” 

Quantities of this special Hillsdale-edition of Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story are limited, so reserve your copy today

Please make a generous, tax-deductible gift today to help promote this new free online course, as well as support the College’s other educational outreach efforts on behalf of intelligent patriotism and liberty. You can use this secure form below:

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