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Mark Twain is often referred to as “The Father of modern American Literature”–and for good reason. He wrote in a way that truly represented the American reality with a biting sense of humor. His work is an integral part of literary history, and every educated American should study his writing, despite Progressive calls for it to be banned.

Now you can get Hillsdale’s online course, “Mark Twain: Tom SawyerHuckleberry Finn, and Selected Short Stories,” in this beautiful DVD box set for viewing in your home or with a small group. You might also find it useful for a homeschool curriculum or personal study. Do you know someone who is unfamiliar with Mark Twain’s literature, or who wants to know more? This DVD would make a perfect gift for them!

Mark Twain DVD

This NEW “Mark Twain: Tom SawyerHuckleberry Finn, and Selected Short Stories” DVD box set can be yours with a gift of $100 or more to Hillsdale College.

Not only will you receive your very own copy of the DVD box set, but your gift will help produce and promote new free Hillsdale courses similar to this one. And it will help Hillsdale College expand its efforts to teach millions of Americans about subjects like American history, politics, the Great Books, economics, and the Constitution.

A limited number of DVDs are available, so reserve your box set today.

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