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The story of the West is really a story about us. By learning about our Western roots, we are studying the greatest thinkers of the past to understand high ideas like freedom and virtue. These ideas shape us. They add meaning and purpose to our lives and relationships with others. They make us human.

If we lose these ideas—if we fail to understand our Western Heritage—the cost will be high. We risk becoming what twentieth-century theologian C.S. Lewis called, “trousered apes”—half-hearted creatures in khakis and button-downs that lack full humanity and are content with the spirit of this age.

That’s why every Hillsdale student is required to take this course before graduation and why we offer “Western Heritage” for free. We see firsthand what difference this education makes on our campus. But we know there are even more people who need to learn about the incredible story of Western civilization, and wrestle with these great ideas and thinkers.

Now you can get Hillsdale’s online course, “Western Heritage—From the Book of Genesis to John Locke,” in this beautiful DVD box set for viewing in your home or in a small group. You might also find it useful for homeschool curriculum or for personal study. Do you know someone who is unfamiliar with this subject, or who wants to know more? This DVD would make a perfect gift for them!

Western Heritage DVD

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Not only will you receive your very own copy of the DVD box set, but your gift will help produce and promote new free Hillsdale courses similar to this one. And it will help Hillsdale College expand its efforts to teach millions of Americans about subjects like American history, politics, the Great Books, economics, and the Constitution.

A limited number of DVDs have been produced—secure yours today.

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